To be or not to be!!!

Hello guys!

So I am back, yet again with another deep question (or as I would like to think of it)!!!

How to describe that thin line between being nice and of being nice to the extent that your generous heart is time and again stomped upon, bundled up and thrown aside by people as if it never existed? This is not a tirade of self-pity, definitely not, but as it happens one is very often swayed away to give a lot of chances to people who least deserve it. As it is said, that your happiness lies in your hands, then why we do tend to trade away our happiness and genuinity with Anger, over-thinking and all things negative, which leaves a bad aftertaste?

As I have grown over the years, I have realised that I have learnt to deal with situations in a much calmer way, but when it comes to people, that serenity seems to go for a toss. But irrespective of all These feelings, I have also learnt that ‘I’ is the most significant in my life and not the People. My happiness begins with me and not them.

I am a work in progress but without a warning signboard. So like me, if peace of mind is what you are seeking for , then please feel free to tread into my life and I shall be there to welcome you with a big smile and open heart!



Back with a Bang… or with a tumble?!!!

Yes, so I am back after this long hibernation or shall I say an unintentional self-imposed imprisonment of having ‘no time’ or being ‘too busy’ or ‘fatigued’. These are the reasons or rather excuses which become the convenient logic of not breaking out of our routines and getting to do what our heart desires and something which soothes our soul.

The reason that I have been away from this writing world is that nine months back I got back on my working mode and have been pretty kicked about it. When I took the plunge back, I had decided that I will dedicatedly do my job but at the same time will always come back to where my heart lies – to words…..writing, reading!!! Alas… the kind of promises we make to ourselves and then as the web of ‘daily routine’ thickens, we tend to get so entangled in it, that it is always easier to convince your heart by whispering to it ‘It’s fine, will do it the next weekend, you are tired…’. But then that next weekend turns into a month and then that month into several other months.; yes and that’s the reason due to which I have been procrastinating to write a blog… back to my favorite word or rather activity – procrastination 😉

So today when I was feeling a bit lost and thought what is it that would pick me up… Instantly my self kicked itself out of the shackles of laziness and moved itself to the laptop.  As the words started pouring out, the lost bit started disappearing and a smile began taking over the gloominess over my face!!!

Now the happy self is tempted by the favorite meal being prepared by hubby dear… so till the next time! 🙂








Faith to hold on to…

Life is an amalgam of several feelings or to be more precise, phases – joy, sorrow, hope, restlessness and so on…

I find the whole idea of ‘hope’ to be very intriguing, even when the world around you seems to be so uncertain, it is this tiny straw of hope to which we cling on to. Yes, Hope comes with no validity, guarentee period or for that matter with no basic contract of assurance. Still, we would like to hope against hope and have faith that our journey of life shall take the desired turns which our hearts so want to. Basically Hope and Faith are the wheels of the same car, which makes the journey of our life more beautiful and keeps it well-oiled to move on with peace and serenpidity.

Sufferings and obstacles are a part of life. The ship called life cannot always have a smooth sailing, it has to fight the storms of problems, maintain its balance, hold on to the waters and then emerge victorious. But how many of us can understand this fact? Given an opportunity, we would all like to have a calm sea to sail on through. Alas! that is near to impossible…

The crux is that if our beautiful journey of life is bound to have some bumps on the way, so why not have strong faith (trust me, the power of faith is very strong!!!), lots of patience, a smile on the face and the ability to brace ourselves  and say – ‘Hey life, bring it on… I am ready!’

A deep seated fear – Aimlessness!

The moment the word ‘aimless’ appears anywhere – in a conversation, book, article or an advertisement; our first instinctive reaction is to avert our gaze from it, as one would from a, bittered, divorced Ex. Well, nobody likes to own up a relationship with the not-so-positive aspects of one’s life or the negative personality traits.

It’s a common human nature to present a well-painted, impeccable portrait of oneself to the world; as somewhere or the other, it matters what others “percieve” of us. A basic question always posed at us since childhood – ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ In all our childish bliss and untarnished innocence, we come up with so many versions of our ‘settled,-well-travelled,-loaded with money and happiness’ answers. With the passage of time, the same question gains a heavier connotation, burdening us with the very weight of it. You must be wondering, that it is not an obligation for us to reply back to this question, well, because as we grow up, we become the “independent-I don’t care what the world thinks about me-happy with myself’ individuals. Agreed!!! But, what if the same question pops up from within our deep recesses of mind, in the most solitary confines and from that person who knows us the best – ME… MYSELF!!!

Is it possible to lie to ‘this’ person with the same shrug, toss of a head and ease??? To admit, that yes, I feel aimless at this juncture of my life? That as much as I would like to have a goal and work towards achieving it (like my old, determined self would have), I feel disoriented to do it! Yes, definitely there should be an agenda, a purpose to our lives but, unfortunately, at times irrespective of what your mind tells you, the heart prefers to wander in the land of wilderness and aimlessness…

But guess, before it gets too late, it’s time to shake up the mind and advise it to soar up like an eagle and prey on the heart, so that the land bequeathed by the shackles of aimlessness can be conquered (*Sigh!*)

Blogging – Am I finally doing it?

Ok, so you might be wondering about my title, as to what’s the big deal about the whole scene of starting to blog or as I would say, actually to ‘write’.

Actually I belong to the category of “Dreamers” (though I would so like to make a shift to that of “Doers”). Yes, you got it right, I am the queen of Procrastination. I will dwell on something for too long, determining to follow it to the end and most of the times the result is – that task ends up not even seeing the light.

I quit my job last year – the monotony of it was drugging me dead to no end. Post few months of emerging out of that drudgery, I intended to start writing… generally… just for pleasure or for the simple fact of knowing always, that the eruption of those dark words on a blank sheet has always infused a happy rush within me. It has always been like endowing the soul of my thoughts with the cover of a body.

So smashing off my crown of Ms. Procrastination, donning the robe of a Controller and making the ‘Just do it’ my motto… here and now I publish my first blog! 🙂