Back with a Bang… or with a tumble?!!!

Yes, so I am back after this long hibernation or shall I say an unintentional self-imposed imprisonment of having ‘no time’ or being ‘too busy’ or ‘fatigued’. These are the reasons or rather excuses which become the convenient logic of not breaking out of our routines and getting to do what our heart desires and something which soothes our soul.

The reason that I have been away from this writing world is that nine months back I got back on my working mode and have been pretty kicked about it. When I took the plunge back, I had decided that I will dedicatedly do my job but at the same time will always come back to where my heart lies – to words…..writing, reading!!! Alas… the kind of promises we make to ourselves and then as the web of ‘daily routine’ thickens, we tend to get so entangled in it, that it is always easier to convince your heart by whispering to it ‘It’s fine, will do it the next weekend, you are tired…’. But then that next weekend turns into a month and then that month into several other months.; yes and that’s the reason due to which I have been procrastinating to write a blog… back to my favorite word or rather activity – procrastination 😉

So today when I was feeling a bit lost and thought what is it that would pick me up… Instantly my self kicked itself out of the shackles of laziness and moved itself to the laptop.  As the words started pouring out, the lost bit started disappearing and a smile began taking over the gloominess over my face!!!

Now the happy self is tempted by the favorite meal being prepared by hubby dear… so till the next time! 🙂