Faith to hold on to…

Life is an amalgam of several feelings or to be more precise, phases – joy, sorrow, hope, restlessness and so on…

I find the whole idea of ‘hope’ to be very intriguing, even when the world around you seems to be so uncertain, it is this tiny straw of hope to which we cling on to. Yes, Hope comes with no validity, guarentee period or for that matter with no basic contract of assurance. Still, we would like to hope against hope and have faith that our journey of life shall take the desired turns which our hearts so want to. Basically Hope and Faith are the wheels of the same car, which makes the journey of our life more beautiful and keeps it well-oiled to move on with peace and serenpidity.

Sufferings and obstacles are a part of life. The ship called life cannot always have a smooth sailing, it has to fight the storms of problems, maintain its balance, hold on to the waters and then emerge victorious. But how many of us can understand this fact? Given an opportunity, we would all like to have a calm sea to sail on through. Alas! that is near to impossible…

The crux is that if our beautiful journey of life is bound to have some bumps on the way, so why not have strong faith (trust me, the power of faith is very strong!!!), lots of patience, a smile on the face and the ability to brace ourselves  and say – ‘Hey life, bring it on… I am ready!’


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