A deep seated fear – Aimlessness!

The moment the word ‘aimless’ appears anywhere – in a conversation, book, article or an advertisement; our first instinctive reaction is to avert our gaze from it, as one would from a, bittered, divorced Ex. Well, nobody likes to own up a relationship with the not-so-positive aspects of one’s life or the negative personality traits.

It’s a common human nature to present a well-painted, impeccable portrait of oneself to the world; as somewhere or the other, it matters what others “percieve” of us. A basic question always posed at us since childhood – ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ In all our childish bliss and untarnished innocence, we come up with so many versions of our ‘settled,-well-travelled,-loaded with money and happiness’ answers. With the passage of time, the same question gains a heavier connotation, burdening us with the very weight of it. You must be wondering, that it is not an obligation for us to reply back to this question, well, because as we grow up, we become the “independent-I don’t care what the world thinks about me-happy with myself’ individuals. Agreed!!! But, what if the same question pops up from within our deep recesses of mind, in the most solitary confines and from that person who knows us the best – ME… MYSELF!!!

Is it possible to lie to ‘this’ person with the same shrug, toss of a head and ease??? To admit, that yes, I feel aimless at this juncture of my life? That as much as I would like to have a goal and work towards achieving it (like my old, determined self would have), I feel disoriented to do it! Yes, definitely there should be an agenda, a purpose to our lives but, unfortunately, at times irrespective of what your mind tells you, the heart prefers to wander in the land of wilderness and aimlessness…

But guess, before it gets too late, it’s time to shake up the mind and advise it to soar up like an eagle and prey on the heart, so that the land bequeathed by the shackles of aimlessness can be conquered (*Sigh!*)