Blogging – Am I finally doing it?

Ok, so you might be wondering about my title, as to what’s the big deal about the whole scene of starting to blog or as I would say, actually to ‘write’.

Actually I belong to the category of “Dreamers” (though I would so like to make a shift to that of “Doers”). Yes, you got it right, I am the queen of Procrastination. I will dwell on something for too long, determining to follow it to the end and most of the times the result is – that task ends up not even seeing the light.

I quit my job last year – the monotony of it was drugging me dead to no end. Post few months of emerging out of that drudgery, I intended to start writing… generally… just for pleasure or for the simple fact of knowing always, that the eruption of those dark words on a blank sheet has always infused a happy rush within me. It has always been like endowing the soul of my thoughts with the cover of a body.

So smashing off my crown of Ms. Procrastination, donning the robe of a Controller and making the ‘Just do it’ my motto… here and now I publish my first blog! 🙂


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